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Be Pursuable

Reverse Imagination

You lose what you condemn and you cannot attract what you criticize...

So many of us wonder why our significant other is no longer pursuing us.

Are you pursuable?

Are you worth chasing?

What was the date and time when you decided to quit putting in maximum effort to keep what you have worked so hard to achieve?

When was the last time you had a late-night conversation about nothing, knowing that you had to work in the morning and you were going to be dog tired?

When was the last time you gave flowers or spent forever picking out the perfect card just because?

And you remember how you would say I love you without saying the words?

They knew... even though you never said it, but your actions and other words spoke volume.

In our quest to be pursued, are we still doing the things that made our significant other chase after us or are we comfortable now that we have been caught?

My thoughts...

If you want to be chased, give them something to chase after. Just make it better than it was before.

Be intentional everyday about holding on to the one you've given your heart to.

Just because you won the prize of a lifetime does not mean you need to be settled in and getting comfortable.

Love is a living organism that is forever evolving. We must change with it! So, why not pull your love one close and whisper.

"I want to chase you again and see what the results will be."

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